In a world brimming with boundless energy, there’s nothing quite like a kids’ snack party to ignite the spark of joy and excitement. Global Toddlers organised a KG2 class party on March 28th to celebrate the simple pleasures of childhood and mark the end of the academic year. The atmosphere buzzed with laughter and chatter […]

Our KG1 children celebrated the end of the year 2023–24 with a delightful party that left everyone brimming with joy and laughter. It was a day filled with exciting activities, tasty treats, and memorable moments. The party kicked off with an energetic dance session, where the children showcased their adorable moves to their favourite songs. […]

In the academic year 2023–24, Global Toddlers organised a series of co-curricular activities aimed at nurturing the diverse talents of our KG1 students. These activities served as platforms for students to showcase their creativity, skills, and passions beyond the conventional academic curriculum. The year commenced with a captivating finger printing competition, where students unleashed their […]

The capacity to learn is not just a gift but the cornerstone of personal development and achievement. At our school, we embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly, especially as we reflect on the last day of clubs for KG1 in the 2023-24 academic year. Our diverse clubs have been the vibrant stages where our youngest learners began […]

The sports prize distribution ceremony for the Nursery class was a delightful event filled with joy and excitement. The little ones showcased their enthusiasm and sportsmanship as they received their well-deserved awards. It was heartwarming to see the children’s faces light up with pride and happiness as they were recognised for their efforts. The event […]

The kindergarten school assembly serves as a vibrant cornerstone of early childhood education, uniting young learners in engaging activities that nurture confidence and learning. It’s a vital platform for instilling essential values and concepts in children. During the morning assembly for our KG2 children, themes, like save earth, magic words, save water, our state (Karnataka), […]

We take immense pride in announcing that our little ones have once again brought honour to our school by clinching numerous state and national-level prizes at the ‘All India Art Talent Contest’ by Ambalar Ayya Vidyashram on August 28, 2023. At the national level, Kashvi Singh from KG2 secured the 2nd prize, while Madhav Virat […]

We are thrilled to share the success of our little toddlers in the “Little Star Olympiad,” a platform we organised for our young learners. With over 170 enthusiastic participants from KG2, the event aimed to provide them with a competitive yet nurturing environment to showcase their individual wells of potential. We firmly believe that such […]