NewsA Year of Diverse Talents at Global Toddlers KG1

A Year of Diverse Talents at Global Toddlers KG1

In the academic year 2023–24, Global Toddlers organised a series of co-curricular activities aimed at nurturing the diverse talents of our KG1 students. These activities served as platforms for students to showcase their creativity, skills, and passions beyond the conventional academic curriculum.
The year commenced with a captivating finger printing competition, where students unleashed their imagination through vibrant colours and innovative techniques. Following this, the Collage-making Competition provided an avenue for students to express themselves artistically, combining various elements to create visually stunning compositions. The highlight of the events was the Marionette Puppet Show, where students brought characters to life through puppetry, captivating the audience with their storytelling prowess and theatrical performances. Finally, the Freehand Drawing Competition concluded the series, allowing students to exhibit their artistic flair and mastery of sketching techniques.
Amidst fierce competition, the participants demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication. The top performers were awarded coveted positions, with the first, second, and third places being honoured. Bibhu Ma’am, our esteemed headmistress, presided over the ceremony, personally congratulating and presenting certificates to the winners.
The co-curricular activities organised at our school in the academic year 2023–24 provided a platform for KG1 students to explore and showcase their talents beyond the confines of traditional academics. Through these events, students not only honed their skills but also learned the value of creativity, perseverance, and teamwork.

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