Parents are requested to co-operate with school authorities in inculcating habits of discipline, organization and regularity in students by enforcing the same at home.

* Parents should meet the teachers on the scheduled day only; however, if required on any other school day, it may be done by taking prior appointment as per the availability of the teacher.

* It will be appreciated for the smooth functioning of the school to maintain all communication through school office; refrain from calling staff / teachers directly.

* Parents should read the school calendar regularly and thoroughly to keep themselves updated with the upcoming events/ activities/ assessments/ holidays and schedule their family functions and outstation trips accordingly, thus avoiding disappointments due to non-participation.

* Students opting for school transport must adhere to the transport rules and regulations. School is unable to provide door to door service.

* The school communicator should be read and signed by the parent/ guardian daily.

* Photographs of your ward clicked in the school premises are in the safe hands of the management, and are used only when required. Any objections if any, should be submitted in writing to the school office at the beginning of the session.

* Children are encouraged to participate in as many CCA (Co-curricular Activities) as possible, but prizes will be given for only two. This is to motivate all children to participate and win.

* Please write the name of the child, class and section in all the clothing and other accessories being carried to school by the child with a permanent marker.

* Parents are requested to make use of the Absence Record provided in the students communicator for grant of leave, mail could be sent for long absence. Kindly do not send individual leave applications.

* The stationery bought by the child will be kept in school (pencil, eraser, clay, crayons etc) and will be available for use in all subject related classwork and homework given by teachers.

* The amount paid by parents towards stationery includes cost of School Calendar, Student Communicator, Student ID Card, Assessment Stationery, NIE and stationery provided by the school for other activities & competitions.

* Absence in assessments on account of illness, may be condoned on producing Medical Certificate, as per the Principal’s discretion.

* With the cooperation of parent/guardians, the school hopes to shape the child into an honest, self-sufficient, confident individual who is ready to face the GLOBAL challenges.

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