At Global Toddlers, we understand that the early years of a child’s education are crucial for their development. Our academic journey begins with young learners at the age of 3 years, allowing them to explore, discover, and grow at their own pace. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to various age groups:


Designed for children at the age of 3 years as of 1st June.


Tailored for those ready to bloom at the age of 4 years as of 1st June.


Where children flourish like pretty flowers, starting at the age of 4 years as of 1st June.

ASK Curriculum:

Our specially designed ASK curriculum helps us to target in developing a specific attitude, a specific skill every month which revolves around the Knowledge area. A toddler joins a school to enhance and gain knowledge in Literacy, Numeracy, General awareness and for KG2 Hindi or Kannada. Every month a particular concept is taught and based on that concept an attitude and a skill is also developed. This is a very exclusive curriculum used only in Global Toddlers.

It also helps in the development of a broad range of skills, including:

Fine Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

PsychoMotor Skills

Cognitive Skills

Linguistic Skills

Numerical Skills

Social & Environmental Awareness

Sensorial Skills

Multiple Intelligence Theory:

We believe in a learner-centric methodology, which is why we follow the Multiple Intelligence theory to identify and introduce concepts to every individual learner. This approach recognizes that each child is unique and possesses a diverse set of intelligences. By tailoring our teaching to match these intelligences, we create a learning environment where every child can thrive.
At Global Toddlers, we’re committed to nurturing young minds and fostering their natural curiosity. We provide a holistic educational experience that promotes not only academic growth but also personal development, social skills, and a love for learning.