Classroom Facilities:

Our classrooms are designed with your child’s comfort and development in mind. Each classroom is well-ventilated and equipped with safe, non-toxic furniture. Every child has their own individual cubicle to keep their bags.  To create an engaging learning environment, we have divided each classroom into different child-friendly zones like activity zone, scribbling zone, and art & craft zone. Moreover, each classroom is equipped with a computerized Digiboard connected to high-speed internet, enhancing the learning experience.

Computerized DigiBoard:

Each classroom in Global Toddlers is fitted with an interactive DigiBoard. There is no black board or green board in classrooms. These digi boards are used to develop and help to facilitate the teaching and learning methods in a fun way. The teachers create and present different PPTs for the topics taught and show it to the kids for better understanding

Play Area:

Play is fundamental to a child’s development and learning. It extends beyond physical activity, fostering cognitive, imaginative, creative, emotional, and social growth. We understand the significance of play in a child’s life and provide both outdoor and indoor play equipment to cater to every child’s unique interests.

Besides the play area we cater to different other skills of the children through activities which target life skills, music, dance and montessori play time.

Gardening Area:

Children learn to sow seeds and understand the life cycle of plants, expanding their knowledge of the natural world.

Music Room:

Our well-equipped music room features a wide range of musical instruments, allowing children to explore their musical talents and creativity.

Montessori Play Area:

This is beautifully designed and offers a space where children can engage in a variety of educational and creative activities.


Your child’s safety and well-being are our top priorities. Our fully equipped infirmary is prepared to provide first aid in case of any emergency. We also organize regular health checkups for our students to ensure their good health.

Aristotle once said, “Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.” At Global Toddlers, we believe in involving your child in a stimulating and immersive educational experience, where they can explore, experiment, and understand the world around them.

At Global Toddlers, we understand the importance of safe and convenient transportation for our young learners. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive transportation service to ensure that children can travel to and from school without any risks or stress