The Code of Conduct outlines the standards for the way we work, as well as the actions, behaviours and conduct expected from our students by the GT family.

1. Maintenance of personal hygiene, good manners, obedience, punctuality and regularity is a must for the benefit of the students and the teachers.

2. Proper uniform, tidy upkeep, well maintained books all symbolizes a healthy background and upbringing. Hence we expect our children to be properly dressed when they come to school.

3. School property is meant for creating a better environment for teaching and learning hence it should be taken care of. Fine may be imposed on student/students, if any damage is caused to school property because of his/her/their conduct.

4. Punctuality is the best policy- being on time helps you to achieve more in life. Hence late coming to school is not allowed; student coming late due to genuine reason should be accompanied by the parent/guardian and may be allowed to class at the principal’s discretion.

5. The school is not responsible for the conduct of students, outside the school premises, during working days of the school.

6. Regularity, obedience, good behavior, academic achievement and active participation in all activities are essential for the student to climb up in their ladder to the next level.

7. Rules and regulations formulated from time to time by the school management have to be strictly adhered to as they are formed for the benefit of both. .

8. Prior sanction by the principal is necessary for the kid to leave the school.

9. My school is precious to me and it is the best and this can be achieved if all the students keep up and enhance the reputation of the school by their good manners and proper discipline.

10. I need only books to study so mobile phone or any other fancy gadget should not be brought to school.

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