Jibu & Jisha (Parents of Michael KG1 Lotus)

Dear Bibu Ma’am,

Parent observation day was a great experience, it was so nice to see how our kids are in class. We hear a lot from our kids but watching the same in live was too exciting.

The teachers of toddlers deserve special mention for the patience and dedication. They are attending to each kids needs very patiently.

My both kids are studying in wgs, elder one in 2nd grade, and younger one in Kg1.

The changes after you become the HM for toddlers are lot, more celebrations and activities,less home work.

The annual day this year was very well organized, the entire program had a theme and script and as a parent I was delighted to see how perfectly our lil ones performed. We could see how much hard work has gone behind that.

Congrats again
Thanks & Regards,

Happy Memories

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