Nursery Teachers’ Day Celebration

On the 5th of September each year, we unite to celebrate Teachers’ Day—a dedicated day to honour the incredible contributions of educators in our lives. It’s a special day to acknowledge the unwavering commitment and passion of these remarkable individuals. Teachers are the unsung heroes of our society, nurturing young minds and sparking curiosity. They wear many hats in our lives.

Here at GT, we celebrated Teachers’ Day with our littlest ones. Our tiny tots of Nursery expressed their love for their teachers through heartfelt gestures: handmade cards, bouquets, flowers, and chocolates. Some even dedicated songs, while hugs and kisses overflowed with affection.

Teachers’ Day goes beyond gifts and blooms; it’s about recognising the profound impact teachers have on our lives. Let’s remember and honour our teachers every day, for they are the beacons of knowledge guiding us towards a brighter future.

Happy Memories

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