KG2 PBL Activities

PBL or project-based learning is all about learning through hand on activities. This year the PBL was conducted for the topic “Seasons” and was conducted for 5 days, following which the culmination event took place.
On Day 1 children did lot of hands-on activities to understand seasons in India. They did “fill the plate activity”, “dressing up activity” and art and craft activity to understood about the food we eat, festivals we celebrate and clothes we wear in different seasons. On Day 2 children did activities for Canada where they did a “doll dressing up” group activity to understand about clothes worn by people of Canada during different seasons and art & craft activity to understand which birds migrate from Canada. On Day 3 children did activities to understand seasons in Argentina by creating a season wheel and they also went around the school for a nature walk and collected lot of twigs and built a nest for the migratory birds. On Day 4 they did a comparative study and understood what are the things that are similar in context of food, clothing, celebrations or other factors between these three countries. On Day 5 children had round table discussion about all that they had learnt during the pre-introductory and the PBL period and a quiz was conducted.

Here are the pictorial glimpses of this year’s PBL.




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