KG2 Fruit and Vegetable Week 

There is a saying that “Preservation of health is better than cure of the disease”. A good nutrition will prevent any disease.To cultivate the good habit of eating fruits and vegetables , we in GT  organised “Fruit and Vegetable” week from 23rd September to 26th September 2019.The children were asked to get one fruit and one vegetable each day .On Monday the children had got apple and carrot ,Tuesday they had got orange and cucumber and on Wednesday they got boiled corn and watermelon.  Children were encouraged to finish the fruit and vegetable they had got and were explained the importance of eating healthy food.On Thursday 26th September 2019 ,the children had got fruits which was allotted, roll number wise and the teachers prepared fruit salad for all the children in their class.To add more colour to the “Fruit and Vegetable “week the children on fruit salad day came dressed up in yellow colour attire. The kids really enjoyed eating the salad and they lent their helping hands to their teachers for peeling bananas and oranges. Here are a few glimpses of the “Fruits and Vegetable week”  loaded with
nutrients .
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