KG2 Frugitable Week

“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy and the returns are incredibly high”
Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals and there are other essential nutrients also which help to maintain a healthy body. The intake of fruits and vegetables by children has drastically gone down and many children have become fussy about eating fruits and vegetables.
To imbibe the goodness of eating fruits and vegetables, we in Global Toddlers had arranged a Frugitable week for our children in KG2 from 25th July to 28th July. The children had to get fruits and a vegetables as their snacks.
The healthy week started on a positive note with the children getting different fruits for fruit salad on 25th July 2022. All the children got the fruits allotted to them. They lent their helping hands in the preparation of fruit salad. The fruit salad was loved by every child and they enjoyed eating the same.On 26th July the children got apple and cucumber followed by corn and pomegranate on 27th July. On 28th July the children got guava and carrot. Each day the children were enlightened about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. The fruigtable week was very much needed for y(our) and it was indeed enjoyed by every child in KG2. Here are a few glimpses of the frugitable week.

Happy Memories

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