KG1 Project Based Learning …

KG1 Project Based Learning 4th to 18th November ’19
In this new era children always expect something new, exciting and interesting, this rule applies even for learning. Apart from text book learning this year we in GT adapted a new method of learning called PBL( project based learning) which is a method of learning by experimenting and exploring. Teachers had given them a clear knowledge about 5 elements of nature (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Space) during the recce period which made them more curious to learn more about the 5 elements of nature and their importance for the living beings to survive. Each element was also connected to plant life and children compared & discussed to understand how these elements are important for the survival of plant life as well. Our young explorers of KG1 were given a chance to do many hands on experiments like blowing the balloon, pin wheel, water cycle experiment, exploring the space, nature walk and connecting these elements to plants by not allowing the plants to get the respective element on the project day and observed that the plant withered off in the absence of that element. It was so fulfilling to see our little learners doing these hands on experiments with the help of their teachers. Here are glimpses of these moments of learning for remembering and cherishing.

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