GT Market Day

Skyscrapers, malls, and supermarket has taken a toll on the petty shops that sell fruits and vegetables. As children, we all have grown up seeing our parents getting vegetables and fruits from the market and we have also seen the priceless smile that brightens up the vendor after the customer purchases the things from his/her shop. The 2k kids hardly get to see or go to the market to buy vegetables. To bring in the actual scene of the market we in GT recreated a fruit and vegetable market for our toddlers on 29th July 2022. Each child had got the allotted fruits and vegetables. The children got hands-on experience by being a buyer and KG2 children also got chance to sell fruits and vegetables. The toddlers were so excited as they got to see what actually happens in a market. The fruits and vegetables got from children and teachers were later given to a Cottelengo Special school, Whitefield. Here are few glimpses of the GT Market Day.

Happy Memories

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