Chairman's Message


Dr. C. Purna Chandra Rao

In the fast-changing world, education can no longer be a mere information-delivery system. Nor can it be one-size-fit-all. Its central purpose must transcend literacy, numeracy and knowledge of facts that help the child prepare for exams and evaluations. Education must prepare the child for the real life beyond classroom, board and books.

For this, education must provide a wholesome experience for the child catering to his/her social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development needs. This whole-child approach only would help the child not just learn to practice a healthy lifestyle, but forge a more just, more peaceful and more tolerant value-based society.

We have engrained this as our guiding philosophy. Our history so far would show that we that we not just believe but have actually internalised this whole-child approach to help the child pedagogically as well as developmentally. We have been quite successful in ensuring that each child is engaged, nurtured, challenged and supported. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to create and sustain a learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe for the children to encourage them to explore and discover their potential.

At this point in time, I wish to acknowledge with pride and gratitude the immense contribution from all our stakeholders especially the parents and the staff who have stood with us in difficult times and have risen above themselves in ensuring the success of our children.

We are confident that our children prepared for success in later life would become active leaders and contributors in our nation-building in a fast-changing global stage.

American philosopher and thinker John Dewey once declared: ‘Education is not just for life; education is life itself’.

I cannot agree more.

Director's Message


Mrs. Sarada Chandrasekaran

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

We at WGS aim at keeping learners forever young.
WGS has kept up with emerging new research-based insights on the teaching-learning methodologies to design our curriculum. We have pioneered the unique ASK curriculum that promotes active learning of children that is primed on competency-based learning.
As you will experience, our ASK curriculum engages the body, mind and soul of every Globalite in every aspect of their learning.

With this, we build on the innate nature of curiosity and imagination of the Globalites by giving them age-appropriate projects to work on. We develop within every child the desire to know, the tools to seek and the ability to find, understand and use information as a means to becoming self-sufficient and responsible.

Beyond just academics, our ASK curriculum instils values that are sine qua non for success in the 21st century. It creates and enhances the abilities of Globalities ability for deep learning by sifting through continuously and rapidly exploding mines of information by imbibing in them the skills of collaboration, critical, analytical thinking and creative thinking abilities, agility and adaptability.

Thus, we ensure that every Globalite will learn to respect nature, be a responsible citizen, empathetic human being, responsible inquirer, knowledgeable collaborator, effective communicator and an active learner. S/he would learn to respect nature, people, history and the world around.

We create truly Global citizens.

Headmistress's Message


Mrs. Bibhudutta Satpathy

Dear Parent Greetings!

Learning to learn is in the fun of learning. I believe that children should be taught how to think not what to think. Children do not move, think or speak in a straight-line neither does imagination nor creativity. But sadly our standardized pathways of education does so, but in GT we allow every child to think and explore beyond the horizon.

In Global Toddlers we all promise to impart impartial and global education to each and every child. There is complete transparency in our mode of teaching and parents are continuously made aware of the day to day happening in school.

I respect and appreciate your decision to put your precious one in our care and I assure you that in every way possible we will guide and hold their hand and lead them in the correct path to a bright future.

Here in GT we strive for perfection and inculcate the same in our children. Every child from day one is encouraged to question and every question is answered. In this endeavor we require the constant support and appreciation from the parents.

As Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had said “All of us do not have equal talent. But all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents”. In GT we strive to provide equal opportunity to each and every child to develop his /her talents.

Looking forward to your complete trust and cooperation to help enrich and brighten the future of these little ones who are the future generation of this changing world.


Regards and best wishes

Mrs Bibhudutta Satpathy

(MA- Psychology, B.Ed., NTT & Mont Trained with 10+ years’ experience in working with toddlers)

HM – Global Toddlers

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